Short loin steaks with bacon beans and potatoes casserole

Short loin steak with salt and pepper

A new age of culinary excess has begun… for us at least! Here’s how the story started: on Friday we got a brand new gas grill. More precisely we (I) bought a Weber Q3200.

And even if it is too early for a full review, here’s how we inaugurated THE grill: two beef short loin steaks (mine weighting 400 grams and a 300 grams one for Katharina) with bacon wrapped green beans, potatoes casserole and Katharina’s most delicious herb butter.


The potatoes casserole


  • Two medium sized potatoes
  • Garlic
  • Cream
  • Some cheese (we had Edam cheese)
  • Salt, Pepper, Parsley…


Cut the potatoes in thin slices and pile them in a baking dish. Now put the cream in a recipient season to taste (don’t forget loads of garlic!) and pour everything into the baking dish.

The green bean bacon rolls

Just grab as many beans as you want and roll them up in bacon. For the two of us four rolls were enough.

Rolling the rolls

Rolling the rolls

The steaks

Take them out of the fridge at least one hour prior grilling them, so they an accommodate to the room temperature. I lightly seasoned them with “fleur de sel” from France but every salt will do!

The reason why I do this is that the salt will soften the meat a bit. Additionally by salting early the salt gets some time to “travel” towards the center of the meat.

Timing and temperatures

That’s always the tricky part when BBQ-ing. Here we will do the following; we want to reverse sear the steaks. That means that we’re starting with a long low temperature (~110 °C) phase. The main issue is that we have to cook the casserole too. The solution is to start earlier with the casserole. Give it a good one and a half hours before you want to actually eat it.

If that’s too long, go and put the casserole in your oven at (160°C preheated) for 40 minutes.


Preheat your grill to about 110 °C. Once there put the casserole on. Now wait for forty minutes.

After that you can put both the steaks and the bean rolls in the indirectly heated zone of your grill:

Steaks and rolls in the indirectly heated zone

Steaks and rolls in the indirectly heated zone

Now wait for some more 40 minutes. Then take everything but the casserole off the grill, put the casserole in the indirect zone and heat up to the max. Wrap the steaks and the rolls in aluminum foil to keep them hot while the grill heats up. When the grill reaches 250 °C put everything back on and sear it as long as it takes to get a beautiful crust. About two minutes per side were enough in our case.

Prior to serving you should really let the meat “rest” for a few minutes (5 to 10) to let the juices run into the crust again. This way you won’t have much “grey” meat between the crust and the core. Serve it with salt, freshly ground pepper and some homemade herb butter – if you like so:

Short loin steak: perfect!

Short loin steak: perfect!

And I promise that this picture wasn’t photoshopped heavily. I only had to brighten it up a little bit as the sun was getting low.

For us it was a 3.5 out of 5 mark-wise. The cooking was really good – something I can be proud of. But the raw meat wasn’t top notch to be honest. But still – I’m looking forward for the next – more perfect – steak!

Btw. Katharina will provide you with the recipe for her herbs butter anytime soon!

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