Hot sauce day

Hi Folks. Yesterday was hot sauce day – at least for us! Three hours and four habaneros (it really love those!) later we have a fresh stock of burning hot sauces!

This time I made a small trial on the fruity side and two more classical hot sauces. And here come the recipes:

The razor-sharp passion

…a yellow, sweet and very fruity hot sauce. Yummy!



1 yellow habanero pepper
2 passion fruits
140 ml of passion fruit juice
1 shot of lime juice
Black pepper, salt, herbs and eventually corn starch


Cut the habanero in a dozen pieces and remove the seeds. Boil them in half a glass of water (100ml) for about five minutes.

When done, blend the habanero and the juices until smooth. Put everything back in the pan, add the flesh of the passion fruits and cook it for a few minutes.

Season with salt, pepper and herbs (I used parsley, cilantro, dill and chives) and finally thicken slightly with the corn starch if you feel the sauce is too liquid.

Fill in glasses. Done!

The Red hot ones

We dubbed those two babies “A scottish blessing” and “Montezuma’s revenge”. Why? Read the recipes! To keep the mess low, I started with a common base for the two of them, doing the real flavoring and pepper stuff later on.

The “base” sauce

To get about 2l of that you need:

5 carots – bigger ones are good
2 to 4 yellow onions (I had smaller one only, thus I took 4 of them)
1 bell pepper (the color’s up to you ;)
6 peeled tomatoes
4 or 5 pieces of garlic
50 ml tomato paste
100 ml cider vinegar
3 tablespoons of brown sugar
2 teaspoons of coarse sea salt


Dice all the vegetables and put all of them but the tomatoes in a pot. Cook for twenty minutes with one or two glasses of water and a teaspoon of salt. Blend all of that until it’s all smooth.

Now add all the remaining ingredients and blend until you reach a suitable texture!

At that point I took a second pot and pourred about the half of the base sauce in there.

The scottish blessing

Is a whisky flavoured red hot sauce, a very hot one! In the base sauce add:

1l (or about the half) of the base sauce
2 cl Worcestershire sauce
120 ml of not-tooo-expensive (scottish) whisky
1 tablespoon hot madras curry powder
2 habanero peppers
Plenty of parsley and chives
3 teaspoons honey

For best heat blend the peppers instead of just cutting them! Let simmer a few more minutes before putting your own scottisch blessing in a jar!

Montezuma’s revenge

Well… just think of the best ingredients of the world added: cacao powder and orange!

1l (or about the half) of the base sauce
1 red habanero
1 table spoon of cacao powder – yeah the same as for baking!
orange zest from the half of an orange
1 cl Worcestershire sauce
2 cl lime juice
2 teaspoons honey
a bit nutmeg
Herbs: rosemary, thyme, winter savory and oregano

Again, let all of that goodness simmer a bit before putting it into whatever container you want.


Wanna taste?

Well just try them. We brought a bunch of small glasses to a BBQ party the same evening. And they were quite a success!

The razor-sharp passion is really great for white meat, vegetables and also cheese. The scottish blessing was empty first and I know why! It’s really a men’s dream with all the best in one glass: red hot habanero and whisky! Finally Montezuma’s revenge is really a one fits all sauce.

My favourite? The scottish blessing, and I bet it won’t last long! So be ready for the next hot sauce day!


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