Short loin steaks with bacon beans and potatoes casserole

Short loin steak with salt and pepper

A new age of culinary excess has begun… for us at least! Here’s how the story started: on Friday we got a brand new gas grill. More precisely we (I) bought a Weber Q3200.

And even if it is too early for a full review, here’s how we inaugurated THE grill: two beef short loin steaks (mine weighting 400 grams and a 300 grams one for Katharina) with bacon wrapped green beans, potatoes casserole and Katharina’s most delicious herb butter.

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Dual 606 record player – Restoration (part 1)

If you read the very first article on this blog you might have seen that I’m rebuilding old record players. And lately I just started over with my third one; it’s a 1980 Dual 606. Back then it was a mid-range player, but much of the hardware was taken unchanged from the high-end equipment, most notably the drive-train (more on that later).

On a first sight the device was in a very good condition when I received it, but there were some issues with the electronics – rather common for devices this old – which had to be fixed. The first part of this series of articles is about technical details and how to break the turntable open. Continue reading

Hot sauce day

Hi Folks. Yesterday was hot sauce day – at least for us! Three hours and four habaneros (it really love those!) later we have a fresh stock of burning hot sauces!

This time I made a small trial on the fruity side and two more classical hot sauces. Continue reading

And here comes the starter

And there we are. Both of us sitting in front of the screen, thinking of what we can write down here. So much stuff, and no clue of how to start…

Both of us have big plans for this blog, even just listing the possible topics would probably exceed the scope of this post, so here just a short listing (be prepared for maaany things outside of this preview!):

  • Handcrafting
  • Cooking
  • Electronic DIY
  • Programming

We really hope that we’ll get a nice pace of fresh posts around here. Don’t put to high expectations on us, as it’s our first “real” blog. Our hope is that this strange mix of topics will result in Knitters and Sew-addicts learning some fancy electronic stuff (and vice-versa!). For our part we’ve learned that those worlds really get along very well. Our home is a great example; most of our equipement is somehow hacked, crafted or modified to suit our needs.

Here just a very small selection of what we’ve done within the past two years:

Enought for now. We hope that you’ll check our small corner of the WWW from time to time. We’ll do our best to keep it clean and up to date!

– Katharina & Yannic