My sewing and knitting experience

I can’t really say when I started sewing but I think I was about 6 years old when I made my first sewing item with the old sewing machine of my mom. I made little pouches to put lavender in.

Around this time my mom was rediscovering the joy of sewing. In the following years she was teaching me how to sew. Later I wanted to sew my own garments. I can’t remember it exactly but I think I started with a skirt. Just two side seams, an elastic around the waist, and I was done.

Most garments I sewed till now are t-shirts. They are easy and fast to sew (in my opinion).
Nowadays my wardrobe is around 80-90% self made. Just basics and underwear are bought at shops.

When it comes to knitting I can say it’s the same evolution as it was with sewing. My first garment was a light lavender colored pullover with short sleeves knitted with a 15 mm needle. Wow… that was knitted fast!
Now my favorite needle thickness is around 4 to 6 mm.

So let’s say I have 13 years of sewing and knitting experience and I still love creating and making my own garments. They fit better, they are unique, they reflect my personality, simply: they are me.

Enough text for now. Let’s look at the latest garments I’ve made:

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About Katharina

Katharina is heavily addicted to sewing and knitting. Add huge multitasking abilities to that and you end up with half a pullover done after a standard lenght James Bond movie.